Want to write something for Womankind magazine? Take a challenge and get published in the next issue of Womankind magazine! Womankind's 'Walking’ Challenge starts this Wednesday, 11 December, and lasts for five days until Sunday, 15 December.

For five days, we challenge you to walk for at least ten minutes a day and to document the process of walking aimlessly - with no purpose in mind - for five days in total. This ‘walking’ challenge is not about exercising, or losing weight, but is about walking for the sake of walking - for thinking things through, for boosting creativity, for fresh air, and to observe the world around you. Walking has been a popular pastime for philosophers, writers, painters, and poets for centuries - and has been used for idea generation and stress relief.

In this challenge we ask you to keep a diary of your ‘walking’ habit for five days, including such aspects as the difficulty of finding time in a short day, the different paths you take, and how walking alters your week. Once done, email it to us at the address 'award' followed by the website @womankindmag.com. Selected entries will get published in Womankind, Issue 23. For an idea of style, please refer to previous 'Challenges' published in Womankind magazine. Word length is around 250-300 words a day. Entries must be submitted by December 17. (First painting is of the flâneur by Gustave Caillebotte, 1877. Second painting is by Ivan Shishkin, 1832-1898)