Want to take part in a 'New Year's Resolution' challenge, and have your experience documented in Womankind magazine? Then why not take up Womankind's 'New Year's Resolution' challenge this week.

Starting this Wednesday until Friday this week, the Womankind 'New Year's Resolution' challenge is about taking a look at your New Year's resolution list and attempting to do at least one of your goals each day for three days straight. You may attempt more than one, if you feel so inspired.

The challenge starts this Wednesday, 20 January, and lasts three days until Friday, 22 January.

In this challenge we ask you to keep a diary of your ‘New Year's Resolution' Challenge for three days, describing what your challenge involved, how you motivated yourself to begin, what setbacks and disappointments you encountered along the way. You may like to ruminate on why previous New Year's resolutions did not eventuate, and why some of your goals in life seem to remain on your New Year's resolution list year after year. What could you do this year to make things happen?

Once done, email the diary to us at the email: 'award' followed by @womankindmag.com. The best entries will appear in Womankind, Issue 27. For an idea of style, please refer to previous 'challenges' in Womankind magazine. Word length is around 250-300 words a day. Due date Monday 25 January.