January 30, 2018

Womankind #15 ‘Yak’

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Do you ever say or think that once this happens then I will be happy? Once I lose weight, or get well, or make money, or find a partner, or have a child, or buy a house, or finish the renovations, or stop work, or find work, or find meaningful work; once I find my passion, then, only then, will I be happy. Happiness, in this context, is a place sometime, somewhere in the future.

Children’s writer Enid Blyton in the classic tale The Magic Faraway Tree imagines a huge tree in an enchanted wood. At the topmost branches of this tree, Blyton describes an ever-changing magic place that can be found – the land of toys, birthdays, dreams, and take-what-you-want. And the children in her tale dither about at home and in the garden, dreaming of nothing other than the land swirling above their heads. “The children looked up into the broad, leafy boughs of the tree. They felt tremendously excited … ‘If only we could climb up!’, said Joe longingly … They picked up their basket and went home, all of them thinking the same thought: ‘We must go up the Faraway Tree and see what is at the top.’”

We, too, dither about life as we project into some future time – a land where wealth, health, fame, and companionship, depending upon our inclinations, are guaranteed. All the while, as we dream of some faraway land, the wheel of our life turns.

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