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For all editorial enquiries including article and website feedback, reprint permissions and letters to the editor (for the latter, if you do not wish your letter to be published, please mark ‘not for publication’).

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> Complaints

Complaints are taken seriously by Poet Press and we will endeavour to resolve them quickly. Complaints may relate to articles, editorials, cartoons, images, and other published material and can be made by any person or business. Normally, complaints  should be made within 30 days of initial publication of the material in question; we don’t address complaints that occur more than 12 months after initial publication.

Email ab ‘at’ with the date and title of the material for which you have a complaint. You should include why you are complaining and the grounds for complaint, including any evidence that it is in breach of the journalists’ code of ethics. An acknowledgement of receipt of the complaint will be provided within five business days.

Your complaint will be discussed by our team, who will undertake one of the following measures:

  • an informal expression of regret by the publication;
  • publication of balancing material;
  • publication of a correction, clarification or apology;
  • amendment or removal of material.

If you are dissatisfied with the outcome you can find more information here about further options: