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Womankind’s Yoga Challenge

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by Womankind mag on February 18, 2019

Always wanted to try yoga but have never found the time? Or, are you a serious yogi looking to write about your experiences to the Womankind audience? Our upcoming challenge – starting this Wednesday, 20 February, is to practice yoga for at least 5 minutes a day, and then to write about it in a diary. You may wish to attend a yoga class, or practice yoga at home, or even at the beach. Whatever your yoga practice, spend a little time this week writing about it.

For five days we encourage you to write a diary about yoga, such as the difficulty of finding time and space within a busy day;  the effects of doing yoga on your mental and physical state; the people you meet. Do friends and family join you?

Starting this Wednesday 20 February until Sunday 24 February – the challenge goes for five days in total. Once done, send us your five-day diary to, no later than Tuesday 26 February, 2019.

Womankind will publish some diary entries in our upcoming issue. You’re encouraged to read previous ‘challenges’ published in Womankind magazine for an idea of style.

Word length, around 150-200 words a day.

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