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Womankind’s smartphone challenge

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by Womankind mag on March 11, 2018

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Can you leave your smartphone at home, in a drawer, locked away for five whole days? Possibly not. Then, what about attempting to reduce your smartphone usage for five days and documenting what happens?

A decade ago, nobody owned a smartphone, yet today few people would consider leaving home without one. Womankind’s challenge is to set aside just five days to cut down on the amount of times you use your smartphone.

Starting this Wednesday 14 March until Sunday 18 March (5 days in total), our challenge to you is to attempt life without your smartphone, and to document your feelings and activities in a daily diary. How often do you use your smartphone, and for what activities? How do you feel when your phone is left at home, or when you have to commute without its distracting presence? What happens to your social life? How do you feel emotionally? What do you do differently in a week without your smartphone?

Continue this for 5 days straight – and then send us your 5-day diary to award@womankindmag.com, no later than Tuesday 20 March, 2018.

Womankind will publish some diary entries in our upcoming issue. Word length, around 150-200 words a day.

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