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Womankind’s KINDNESS challenge

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by Womankind mag on December 3, 2018

Want to write something for the next issue of Womankind? Then take up our ‘kindness’ challenge – starting this Wednesday 5 December.

The aim of this challenge is to initiate two acts of kindness each day for five days, and then document what happens in a daily diary. Your act of kindness might be small – such as taking an interest in another person by asking them questions, or helping them in some way; you may decide to show generosity, compassion, forgiveness. However small, the most important part of the challenge is to go out of your way to be kind – for 5 days.

During the challenge, we encourage you to write a diary detailing your acts of kindness, and to describe how being kind makes you feel. How do others react to your kindness? We also encourage you to consider how being kind to others changes your week.

Starting this Wednesday 5 December until Sunday 9 December – the challenge goes for five days in total. Once done, send us your five-day diary to, no later than Tuesday 11 December 2018.

Womankind will publish some diary entries in our upcoming issue. You’re encouraged to read previous ‘challenges’ published in Womankind magazine for an idea of style.

Word length, around 150-200 words a day.


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