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Womankind’s ‘Image’ Challenge

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by Womankind mag on September 4, 2017

How are women depicted in the media? Take up Womankind‘s image challenge and get published in the next issue of Womankind magazine.

The images you see of women on a daily basis – in newspapers, magazines, television, movies, and billboards to name a few – have a profound influence on how you perceive the world and yourself. So starting Wednesday 6 September until Sunday 10 September 2017 (5 days in total), we want you to look out for images of women, whether that’s at an airport lounge, in a magazine, on television, or on the big screen at the movies, and jot down in a diary your thoughts on these images.

What ages of women do you mostly see represented? Which nationalities? Tell us how these images made you feel and the purpose of these images? Why is the media spending time and money creating these images for visual consumption?

Continue this for 5 days straight – and then send us your 5-day diary to, no later than Tuesday 12 September, 2017.

Womankind will publish some diary entries in our upcoming issue. Word length, around 150 words a day.


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