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Womankind’s communication challenge

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by Womankind mag on June 8, 2016

Want to write something for Womankind magazine? Then take up our next challenge.

Womankind magazine is seeking participants for 5 days of ‘communication’ . The aim of this challenge is to communicate directly with people who are meaningful in your life. The catch is that it must be via letter, phone, or in person. This could include family, virtual contacts, or even long lost friends. Your challenge is to communicate openly and honestly with those you care about and document the process, the way it makes you feel, and your thoughts along the way.

For the challenge, we ask you to document the process and your findings in a daily diary. And finally, when the five days are over, email us your diary at the email address award ‘@’ womankindmag.com

The challenge starts Monday, 13 June 2016 and ends on Friday, 17 June 2016.

Word count: up to 600 words.

Due date: Midnight Monday 20 June 2016.

Everyone is invited to participate.

Once you have completed your five days, send your response to us at award ‘@’ womankindmag.com. The most suitable responses will be published in the next issue of Womankind magazine. Take a look at previous issues of Womankind for an idea of writing style.

You can also post your comments on the Womankind Facebook page.

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