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Womankind’s astronomy challenge

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by Womankind mag on September 3, 2018

Get published in the next issue of Womankind magazine by taking up our ‘astronomy’ challenge.

For this quarter, the challenge is to set aside at least five minutes each night to go ‘star gazing’. The challenge goes for five nights.

‘Star gazing’ may simply entail marvelling at the night sky. Or, it might involve locating planets that can be spotted in the night sky at the moment – such as Venus, Jupiter, Saturn and Mars. Or with the help of an astronomy book or technology ‘app’ – which bright objects can you see in the night sky?

For five nights you’re encouraged to write a diary detailing your observations. You may wish to mention the challenges of actually seeing stars due to light pollution in cities; or the challenges of finding time in a busy day. You may wish to document how the practice of astronomy has altered your perception, or made you think differently. Do friends and family join you? And if do spend some time researching astronomy during the week, what have you learnt?

Starting this Wednesday 5 September until Sunday 9 September – the challenge goes for five days in total. Once done, send us your five-day diary to, no later than Tuesday 11 September, 2018.

Womankind will publish some diary entries in our upcoming issue. You’re encouraged to read previous ‘challenges’ published in Womankind magazine for an idea of style.

Word length, around 150-200 words a day.


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