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Womankind #14: Tanzania/giraffe

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by Womankind mag on October 30, 2017

Issue #14 ‘Tanzania/giraffe’ has arrived, you can buy a copy from our online store or subscribe now. Available July 31 in the UK and Australia; August 7 in Europe, NZ, and Asia; September 5 in the US and Canada.

Editor’s letter: When I travel by plane I’m always disturbed by turbulence, as if the presence of turbulence means something is wrong. When the plane is gliding along with no jolts it feels safe, while wind currents feel ominous. But turbulence is simply the result of strong winds or vertically rising air, or wake turbulence from another plane. We do not exist in a vacuum.

The onset of turbulence on a plane’s flight has much in common with the onset of disturbances in an otherwise plain-sailing life. A death or breakup, illness, money worries, bankruptcy, an argument with a friend, a feeling of injustice, these too generate turbulence. And when they occur, we regard them with contempt as if they just should not happen. “No one deserves such a thing.” “What a tragedy.”

But just like turbulence on a flight’s path, “life is an endless, truly endless struggle,” writes author Henry Miller. “There’s no time when we are going to arrive at a plateau where the whole thing gets sorted”.

It’s nice to put to memory that no flight has ever crashed from turbulence. Nor has turbulence ever damaged an aircraft. Menno Kroon, captain of KLM’s A330 writes on the airline’s blog: “An aircraft is actually quite flexible… So if you’re ever at a window seat and you see the wing moving up and down, don’t worry, it’s made to do just that.”

While it’s common to catastrophise when things go wrong, it’s worth remembering that we too are built to handle life’s inevitable bumps. We are stronger than we think.

Antonia Case, Editor-in-Chief, Womankind magazine

You can buy a copy from our online store or subscribe now.

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What’s inside:

Life offscreen
Letters from Tanzania
Being an activist: Jane Goodall
The illegal wildlife trade
A people in retreat
Outlawing child marriage
Protecting girls’ rights
How to avoid negative self-talk
Home in the open savannah
Art for the service of her people
What death can teach us
The return
Life in the safari capital
Quarterly challenge
The vanishing midwives
Death, or something like it
A state of change
Can you hear me?
The gardening effect
The rain witchcraft trials

You can buy a copy from our online store or subscribe now.

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Issue #14 ‘Tanzania/giraffe’ has arrived, you can buy a copy from our online store or subscribe now. Available July 31

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