Womankind represents a new era for women: Womankind is an advertising-free women’s magazine on self, identity and meaning in today’s society. Womankind magazine features leading journalists, authors and artists in a 132 page, perfect-bound magazine – offering a signature mix of reporting and commentary on culture, creativity, philosophy, nature, and ways to live a more fulfilling life.

Womankind‘s aim is to introduce ideas that challenge contemporary thought and conditioning. Are our thoughts and aspirations truly ours?

Womankind is funded via subscriptions and sales at bookstores and news agencies. We don’t receive any money from advertising and there are no advertisements whatsoever in Womankind magazine. If you would like to support Womankind please subscribe now (or take out a gift subscription for a friend).

The magazine and website are published by independent publishing house Poet Press, which also publishes New Philosopher magazine and runs the independent bookstores and tea ateliers poet.


Womankind holds regular competitions throughout the year, with writing challenges and a photography award held each quarter. Subscribers are also able to enter the quarterly writers’ award held by our other publication New Philosopher. You can see the full details here.